Flexbooker Suffers Massive Data Breach, Millions Of Users Compromised

Appointment scheduling service FlexBooker clients were on the receiving end as threat actors have made off with the data of three million users. The breach happened before the holidays, and the compromised data is now being sold on hacker forums.

The perpetrators offered the databases of information of two clients already. The first database pertains to Racing.com and the other one to rediCASE, Redbourne Group’s case management software. Both the clients are from Australia.

The Breaches

The Breaches

FlexBooker suffered all three breaches a few days before Christmas, and the unlawfully obtained data was published on a hacker forum. This breach is massive as various clients of FlexBooker widely use the service to synchronize their employee calendars and plan the appointments.

From accountants to lawyers, business owners of various enterprises have reaped the services of FlexBooker. The primary service they used was appointment scheduling. This is the worrying aspect of this entire incident, as personal information is often required to book appointments.

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A group called Uawrongteam has claimed responsibility for this attack. They have shared links to data containing sensitive information. The compromised data includes photos, drivers’ licenses, and other ID information.

The group has elaborated that its database it possesses contains a table of 10 million of lines which details the customer ID information. Ranging from payment forms to driver license photos, the hacker group has pilfered a lot of information from this table.

The group commented that the database’s “juicy columns” contain names, contact information, password salt, and hashed passwords.

FlexBooker was forthcoming as it acknowledged the incident by sending a notification to its customers that hackers “accessed and downloaded” data housed on AWS, Amazon cloud storage system.

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“On December 23, 2021, starting at 4:05 PM EST, our account on Amazon’s AWS servers was compromised,” read their official notification. FlexBooker placated its affected customers that the hackers didn’t possess any payment information, which included credit cards.

FlexBooker cautioned its users to stay vigilant and to watch their account statements for any suspicious activity. Initially, it was assumed that the incident was a distributed denial of service (DDoS). Only later was it uncovered that the personal information of customers was compromised. As per Have I Been Pwned data breach service, Uawrongteam made off with the data of more than 3.7 million accounts.

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