Effective Security Strategy for Mission-Critical Ops

Energy is one of the most human-intensive sectors with highly complex operations that demand huge effort and expenditure.

Energy sector has made rapid strides over the years to reach the level it is at today. It has been on par with adopting advanced technology solutions and deploying high-end equipment for its mission-critical operations. However, the very ‘sensitive’ nature of these operations continues to make the energy sector vulnerable to some or other sort of security attacks.

With the digital trend setting in, the security stance of energy sector became more concerning and the risk factor intensified in the form of ‘cyberthreats’.

Now, the new-age energy sector operations involve digitalized infrastructure, huge data volumes, confidential processes, wireless networks, internet-controlled machines, mobile applications that trigger mission-critical functions and more.

Aren’t these some attractive options for an intruder? Just single point access is enough for hackers to show a massive impact on large energy plants/facilities.

As Surveys Show

  • Recovery costs from cyberthreats are more in banking sector compared to other industry
  • Rate of security breaches have increased by 300 percent in the last five years
  • Automation and digitalization are going to be at the forefront of the oil and gas industry in the decades ahead
  • Experts believe at least 3,000 cybersecurity breaches against computer controls at energy facilities occur each year
  • 2015-16 Ukraine power system breach incident shows the extent of energy sector’s vulnerability to cyberattacks
  • A malicious attack to a 250-MW wind farm can cause downtime costs between USD 10,000-35,000/hour to an electric utility; implies per case to other energy facilities
  • 75% of energy firms faced at least one cybersecurity breach (one firewall, antivirus software or other safeguard mechanisms) in the last 12 months, says a 2017 study
  • Identity and access breaches have been among the most concerning issues for energy facilities, worldwide

It’s Time to Act!

FBI agents have recently called on for high alert in the Houston energy sector. And, the surprising reason is growing cyber-attacks! The agency called on energy companies to protect pipelines, refineries, power lines and other facilities from overseas hackers.

This very recent incident shows how significant is cybersecurity for energy companies. There are many such that call for immediate action to implement a perfect cybersecurity program for energy sector.

A countermeasure to a typical cyberattack could involve safeguarding data, administering networks, identifying easily discoverable vulnerabilities, close monitoring of privilege and access controls, performing vulnerability scans and assessments, and more.
But these activities yield better results when you work with information security or a cybersecurity expert.

So, it’s time to gear up to secure your highly confidential energy facilities from the ever-increasing cyber attacks.

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