Information Security Statistics: Facts and Figures

IT industry has evolved a lot from presenting complex architectures aimed at solving industrial challenges to introducing smart solutions that made technology closer to the end-user.

Now, it’s all the digital trend driven by smart systems and innovation.
Alongside IT developments continued the rise of security threats, posing severe challenges to the ever-changing technology trends.
Threats have emerged to the level concerning the world of cybersecurity and causing trillions worth losses to the companies.

Here are some shocking ‘Statistics: Facts and Figures’ that make the ‘Information Security’ the dire need of the hour, globally.

Cybersecurity Facts and Statistics

USD 6 trillion

Estimated annual losses through cybercrimes by 2021


Anticipated rise in rate of cybercrime breaches by 2024

USD 2.9 million

Per minute cost of cybercrimes to the global economy

USD 25

Amount that top companies pay per minute due to cyber breaches

USD 2.61 million

Costs that malware attacks resulted in 2018

USD 2.27 million

Costs that web-based attacks resulted in 2018

USD 630 million

Worth of personal data in underground economy, as of 2019

USD 17.4 billion

US budgetary allocation for cybersecurity-related activities for FY 2020

> USD 1 trillion

Estimated global spending on cybersecurity products and services

>USD 26 billion

Losses due to Business Email Compromise/Email Account Compromise (BEC/EAC) scams between June 2016 and July 2019


Firms notified by third-party vendor upon a breach incident in 2019


Of cryptocurrency transactions will involve illegal activities by 2021

USD 10 billion

Estimated size of cybersecurity awareness training market by 2027

USD 3.25+ billion

Social media attacks contribution to global cybercrime economy per year

4.1 billion

No. of records exposed via data breaches in 1st half of 2019


Share of bitcoin transactions per year in cybercrime economy


Organizations report phishing, social engineering attacks in 2019


Organizations report biggest security threats from ‘within’


Estimated rise in amount of data stored on cloud by 2021


Organizations believe email phishing scam as top security threat

> 25%

Malware attacks targeted banking and financial services in 2018


Most preferred age group for cybercrime against individuals

These statistics show the severity of cybercrimes, globally, to the ever-sensitive information. Wait no more! Its time you decide upon choosing your strategic information security services provider.