Infographic: Top-9 Reasons To Consider IAM Solutions and Services

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions and Services are critical to any organization in this digital era. Rising digital adoption created multiple entry points to threat actors. In the process, the most vulnerable elements are digital entities.

So, securing digital entities is key to ensuring the organization’s security posture.

Here is an infographic that speaks about 9 reasons that advocate IAM services and solutions

Infographic: Top-9 Reasons To Consider IAM Solutions and Services

Why IAM Services? Top-9 Reasons

Excerpts from the 2019 Data Breach Investigation report show:

1) Security Management: Ignoring cybersecurity over other priorities is the top concern.

2) Identity Management: 34% of breach incidents involve internal threat actors.

3) Defining Access: Staff had access to 17 Mn files and 1.2 Mn folders, including sensitive data.

4) Cost Savings: Average cost of a data breach incident is USD 3.92 million.

5) Customer Satisfaction: 83% of US end-users walk away from businesses after breaches.

6) User Experience: Single-factor authentication offer ease in access across multiple channels.

7) Business Performance: Enhanced security instills end-user confidence and drives business.

8) Improved Mobility: Security is crucial in remote working culture, a new norm.

9) Automatic Deprovisioning: IAM automatically de-provisions unused accounts and avoids risks.

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