Debunking Myths Fogging Passwordless Authentication (Infographic)

For ages, passwords have been the cornerstone of security. However, they are now becoming a relic of the past. With cost and security risks associated with password protection mounting up, enterprises are compelled to eliminate passwords. Fortunately, the passwordless future is here.

While the journey to passwordless model has been a long-standing goal, it is now witnessing real traction in the IT world. In a nutshell, the passwordless approach eliminates the use of passwords. It bolsters security, betters user experience, and axes IT support costs.

Now, I know it is a rather bittersweet moment but it’s time to bid a fond farewell to #P@$$w0rd$.

Though passwordless future looks lucrative, embarking on the new journey without due cognizance of it can be daunting. As with any emerging technology, passwordless authentication is also fogged with many myths and misconceptions. One must debunk these myths before embracing a password-free approach.

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Here’s an infographic to help you dispel the myths around passwordless authentication:

Debunking Myths Fogging Passwordless Authentication Infographic | Call+1 817-415-1200

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Going Passwordless?

Dispel These 5 Common Myths

With p@$$w0rd$ becoming a thing of the past, the passwordless future is seeing traction. However, the myths around the password-free approach are fogging its adoption.

Let’s dispel the myths:

Myth Reality
1) A PIN and a password are the same. 1) Unlike a password, a PIN is tied to the device it was set up on. Without the device, the PIN is pointless.
2) Going passwordless is less secure. 2) Passwordless technique eliminates the use of weak passwords for better security.
3) Biometrics can be hacked or spoofed. 3) Biometrics are invoked locally on a specific device, eliminating the risk of hacking.
4) Passwordless biometrics are costly. 4) One can easily deploy passwordless biometric solutions over the cloud, eliminating IT costs.
5) No password means no authentication. 5) Passwordless does not mean “no authentication.” It just means that the user gets access without using a password.

With myths busted, let’s go password-free. Plot Your Path to Passwordless with StealthLabs!

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