IAM Solutions in Texas, USA

Information Security is as important as having information in today’s context!

Technology advancements and skyrocketing internet usage made information access closer than ever, even to the general public. In this context of end-user, service providers need to go an extra mile in dealing with the information they possess or offer to their customers.

Not just to end-users, securing information has become very critical at the organizational level, internally.

All this eventually led to the rise of Access Management Services’.

Defining Access Management

Access Management is an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) process under the ambit of the IT Services Management (ITSM) for aligning IT services with business needs.

Also referred to as Identity Access Management (IAM) or Rights Management or Identity Management, it aims to grant the right to use-as-a-service for authorized users and denies any unauthorized access.

Identity Access Management-as-a-Service (IAMaaS) abides to policies set under the Information Security Management (ISM).

How Access Management Helps?

Data collection is as critical as securing it and this implies to the ever-changing digital trend!

Given this challenge, every sensitive information and critical data stored and passing through systems and applications on cloud and on-premises are vulnerable to digital threats.

This is where the Access Management can be your savior in managing privileged accounts securely and safeguarding the controls crucial for your resources and applications.

Not just your organizational information, Access Management Services also secure the access granted to your users, partners and associates looking for your data and services on cloud and on-premise.

Looking for Support?

The most common business concerns that typically drive organizations to Access Management Services are:

  • Operational inefficiency
  • Complex and expensive user onboarding and off boarding processes
  • Outdated authentication and authorization methods
  • Existing problem vs future-proof security
  • Inability to protect sensitive credentials

Are you among them? StealthLabs Access Management Services can help you!

Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) or Identity Data Management (IDM) experts provide you the real-time and intelligent access to data and applications, thus helping you fight access-related breaches successfully.

Our Access Management Implementation Roadmap includes:

Program Strategy

We create a tailored strategy and program plan that covers people, process and technology

Prepare Architecture

We process and control implementation for a specific environment as per business needs

Program Implementation

We then transform the planned strategy to a strategic security program

Process Evaluation

We discover unstructured data files and set a clear roadmap for remedies

Program Management

We then expand the visibility of the program across stakeholders and integrate with existing security and compliance standards

Planned Investment

With identity and data at security strategy, it’s time to think of a strategic investment

StealthLabs has been one of the early adopters of the Access Management Advisory Services in the US Information IT/Information Security Solutions market. We have a deep understanding of best practices, data model, governance, lifecycle management, solutions and related technologies.

Our Stealthlabs Access Management services offer high business value through

  • Secured access privileges
  • Easy audit and reporting
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Enhanced security profiles
  • Simplified access
  • Improved productivity