Infographic: Ransomware Response and Recovery Plan

Impacts differ but, in many cases, ransomware attacks cripple business operations for significant periods. The massive after-effects sometimes compel victims to pay huge ransoms.

Cybercriminals are constantly working their fingers to the bone to hone their attack skills and increase the level of disruption they can inflict.

Hence, organizations, irrespective of their security posture, must assume that they have already been breached and must strive to build resilience across the value chain.

Here’s an infographic to help you improve your ransomware response and recovery:

Ransomware Response and Recovery Plan Infographic

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Ransomware Response and Recovery

The pandemic has created new routes for threat actors to exploit security vulnerabilities. Now it’s easier than ever to disrupt your business and extort ransom.

Top Ransomware Defense Challenges:

  • Organized ransomware groups are ramping up attacks
  • Actors are constantly refining their attack skills
  • Businesses are lacking resilience

What can you do now?

  • Never ignore the basics of security hygiene
  • Test and validate security defenses
  • Be clear on how to restore operations swiftly
  • Collaborate so everyone knows how to work cohesively
  • Be ready for any incident

You’ve been attacked – What’s next?

  • Isolate compromised servers
  • Identify and analyze the intrusion and impact
  • Report the incident to concerned legal authorities
  • Discard the malware
  • Analyze the compromised data
  • Restore data from the most recent backup
  • Conduct forensic analysis for potential entry points
  • Plug the identified security loopholes
  • Learn from experience
  • Strengthen security posture

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