AT&T Purportedly Breached! 70 Million Users’ Data Compromised

Hot on the heels of the T-Mobile hack, the telecommunications industry has purportedly suffered another blow. The malicious group ‘ShinyHunters’ claimed that they successfully executed a hack upon AT&T.

The group has gone on to brag that they possess vital personal identification information of 70 million users on Raid Forums. Ranging from Social Security numbers to dates of birth, ShinyHunters appears to have compromised a vast extent of AT&T data.

The group has decided to offer the data to the highest bidder. The first bid has started at USD 200,000, and the next bidder has to raise the bid by a minimum of USD 30,000. The ‘Flash’ price tag for the data was pegged at USD 1 million.

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It can be assumed the data is genuinely AT&T’s user base as ShinyHunters is quite infamous for its hacks and data offerings. This group is worshiped among the nefarious actors, and it has bagged the highest credibility score on Raid Forums. The group’s prior preys include Pixlr, MeetMindful, and Dave.

Despite Shiny’s claims, a spokesman of AT&T has denied that the compromised data didn’t belong to the telecom giant. “Based on our investigation today, the information that appeared in an internet chat room does not appear to have come from our systems,” the spokesman said. When asked to further elaborate on the hack, AT&T refused to comment on something that was not theirs in the first place.

However, the alleged hack may be true as ShinyHunters has always delivered on its word and the posts made on Raid Forum are not the regular internet chatroom posts. A similar post was made on August 15, which spoke of T-Mobile data compromise and set up an ad to sell the data. It was only after that particular post did T-Mobile acknowledged that their company was indeed hacked.

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AT&T Servers

If the allegations are indeed true, the telecom sector has suffered another setback. Elaborating further on the hack, ShinyHunters posted a sample of the stolen data, and the data was found to be genuine by the Restore Privacy organization.

However, it is yet to be confirmed whether the data was indeed ripped off from AT&T servers. However, Restore Privacy reported that the data pertained to AT&T customers of the USA.

When pressed further, ShinyHunters refused to reveal the data source of information. Shockingly, the group appeared to have Personal Identification Numbers too.

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AT&T Data

Although AT&T continues to maintain that their company was never hacked, ShinyHunters thinks otherwise. They stated, “I think they will keep denying until I leak everything.”

The malicious actors further added, “I don’t care if they don’t admit. I’m just selling.”

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