Infographic: Why Do Organizations Need Privileged Access Management?

One of the most significant security risks in the present-day digital landscape is the potential misuse of privileged accounts. Malicious actors constantly target these privileged accounts as they look to infiltrate valuable information or cause damage to an organization.

In fact, almost 75% of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse.

Therefore, the protection and management of these accounts are crucial to securing critical assets and protecting brand reputation.

Here is an infographic about ‘Privileged Access Management (PAM)’ capabilities and business benefits:

Infographic: Why do organizations need Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions?

Securing and managing privileged accounts has become a herculean task for many organizations, creating enough scope for potential data breaches.

  • 60% still rely on manual methods to manage privileged accounts
  • 20% have never changed their default passwords on privileged accounts
  • 50% do not audit privileged account activity
  • 75% of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse

Thus, Privileged Access Management (PAM) has become the top cybersecurity priority.

Why Do Organizations Need PAM Solutions?

As a critical aspect of cybersecurity management, PAM offers a wide range of business benefits, including:

  • Mitigate Security Risks
  • Reduce Operational Expenses and Complexity
  • Improve Security Visibility
  • Easily Meet Compliance
  • Recover Rapidly from Cyberattacks
  • Manage Non-employee Access
  • Accelerate Time-to-Value
  • Monitor, Audit, and Completely Control Privileges

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