Infographic – Top 15 Cybersecurity Myths Vs Reality

Cybersecurity has emerged as the business imperative in the modern digital world.

Global organizations, irrespective of their business nature, size, and industry, have started investing heavily in cyber defense and training.

According to Statista, global spending on cybersecurity is projected to reach USD 43 billion by 2020, from a mere USD 34 billion in 2017.

However, despite the growing emphasis on securing business, there are several myths and misconceptions about cybersecurity that prevent companies from building a robust cybersecurity posture.

Here is an infographic that speaks about the most common cybersecurity myths you must debunk to keep your business cyber safe.

Myths vs. Reality: Cybersecurity in a Digital World

Top 15 Cybersecurity Myths Vs Reality (Infographic)

15 Cybersecurity Myths Vs Reality

Are these cybersecurity myths and misconceptions putting your business at risk? It’s time to know the facts about cybersecurity!

1) Myth: Our passwords are strong

Reality: Strong passwords are only the start. You need two-factor authentication and data monitoring

2) Myth: Cybercriminals don’t target SMBS

Reality: Small businesses lack advanced security solutions, making them a softer target for cybercriminals

3) Myth: We are unlikely to experience a cyberattack

Reality: Any business with sensitive information is highly likely to witness a cyberattack at some stage

4) Myth: Anti-virus/anti-malware software is enough

Reality: Software won’t be able to detect/prevent all types of cyber attacks

5) Myth: Cyber threats are only external

Reality: Insider threats are equally perilous and need equal attention as external threats

6) Myth: IT department is responsible for cybersecurity

Reality: It is the responsibility of every employee to keep the organization cyber safe

7) Myth: Password protected Wi-Fi networks are secure

Reality: All public Wi-Fi networks can be compromised, even with a password

8) Myth: You’ll know immediately if your system is compromised

Reality: It can take months or even years to realize that your system has been compromised

9) Myths: BYOD is secure and safe

Reality: All personal devices, including smartphones, laptops, and wearables, can put a company’s network at risk

10) Myth: We have achieved complete cybersecurity

Reality: You must continuously adopt new cybersecurity strategies as new threats emerge

11) Myth: Sophisticated security tools keep your business secure

Reality: Security tools should be appropriately configured, monitored, and integrated with overall security operations

12) Myth: Regular penetration tests are enough

Reality: Penetrations tests work only when the discovered vulnerabilities are rectified in time

13) Myth: Compliance equates to a robust security strategy

Reality: Merely complying with regulations does not mean you have a robust security strategy

14) Myth: A third-party security provider will take care of security

Reality: Despite partnering with a security provider, you have a legal and ethical responsibility to secure critical assets

15) Myth: We have never experienced a breach, so our security is strong

Reality: New, sophisticated cyberattacks evolve daily, so be prepared always

Cybersecurity Reality in Numbers

  • 58% of cyberattacks target small businesses
  • 84% of cyberattacks are due to human error
  • 60% of data breaches involve insiders
  • 51% of companies with BYOD policy experienced a mobile data breach
  • 206 days – Average time to identify a breach in 2019
  • 81% of data breaches are due to weak, stolen, and default user passwords
  • 68% of C-suite executives feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing
  • Only 5% of companies’ folders are adequately protected, on average
  • 1 billion records were breached in the first half of 2019
  • 2,244 – Average number of times hackers attack in a day

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