Infographic: 20 Alarming Insider Threats Statistics

Insider threats are perhaps one of the most concerning cybersecurity risks that IT organizations face today. Whether the insider is an inadvertent employee, a malicious insider, or a contractor with compromised credentials, such threats are almost impossible to detect and often go unnoticed for ages.

Internal attacks can cause catastrophic damage as insiders typically have authorized access to an organization’s critical assets, regardless of whether they have malicious intentions or not.

Here is an infographic that sheds light on the severity of insider threats:

Infographic: 20 Alarming Insider Threats Statistics

Insider Threats: 20 Alarming Facts and Figures

The threat of attack from insiders is real and substantial.

Whether originating from a malicious or careless insider, such risks are difficult to detect and can cause catastrophic damage.

Here are vital statistics to help gain insights and act on insider threat activities:

1) 25% of employees use emails to exfiltrate the company’s sensitive data

2) 30% of data breaches are caused by insiders

3) 34% of global businesses are affected by insider threats, annually

4) 47% increase in the insider threat incidents over the last two years

5) 50% of organizations believe they are vulnerable to insider attacks

6) 51% of employees involved in an insider threat had a history of IT security violations

7) 55% of organizations consider privileged users as the greatest insider threat risk

8) 59% of employees exiting an organization take sensitive company data with them

9) 60% of cyberattacks are attributed to insider threats

10) 63% of insider threat incidents are caused due to negligence

11) 67% of unintentional insider threats are caused by phishing attacks

12) 85% of organizations fail to determine the actual damage of an insider attack

13) 86% of IT professionals consider insider threat as a cultural issue

14) 92% of insider threats succeed an adverse work event, such as termination or demotion

15) 97% of IT leaders consider insider threats as a major security concern

16) USD 2.79M – Cost of insider threats for organizations in 2020

17) 197 – Average no. of days to identify a data breach

18) 77 days – Average no. of days to contain an incident

19) USD 17.92M– Average amount spent by large enterprises on insider threats in 2019

20) 2,500 internal breaches occur in the US daily

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