Are Your Employees Working From Home? 14 Checklist Points For Your Cybersecurity!

In the wake of coronavirus lockdown, employees across the world are working away from their office.

As the employees work from home, it’s time for the companies to recheck their cybersecurity posture to safeguard devices, user base and other aspects of IT security.

Here are 14 checklist points that Stealthlabs recommend organizations should closely watch to avoid any breaches to your organizational networks and data:

1) Make sure your employees understand the significance and confidentiality of company and other related information

2) Make sure data is safe and email communication is happening through a secured channel

3) Closely monitor the shared devices and systems that are connected to work

4) Make sure your employees are not trying to access or download or share any company information on to their personal devices or cloud storage.

5) Make sure employees log out of official access once done with the work

6) Make sure all enterprise devices are encryption-enabled and complying to regulatory policies

7) Make sure security and firewall settings are properly configured, and security settings are up to date

8) Make sure to tell your employees to keep your IT personnel posted about any unexpected events

9) Make sure your employees handle payment requests through secured channel that comply with company policies

10) Make sure your employees are landing on safe websites by creating awareness on how to inspect links well before landing on them

11) Make sure policies are in place to disable macros for all Office Suite products

12) Make sure to have a separate VPN within your firewall zone

13) Make sure to create policies that govern inward and outward traffic

14) Make sure not to block external Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections, as they pave the way for intruder attacks

There are more you can list down as you explore the possibilities of possible attacks.

Wait no more! Go back to your IT personnel and check if your systems are in a safe zone. It’s time to recheck and strengthen your IT security posture!

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